Travel Career

Start Your Travel Career in Travel Writing – A Fun Job

Freelance writing includes many genres of writing such as travel writing. This is one travel job that is fun, exciting, educational, romantic, and not uncommon. Many travel writers can be found around the world. Some write for newspapers and magazines. Others capture their travels with a blog or journal. There’s no limit to what a travel writer can do. The world is the pearl in their oyster!

Most people think of freelance writing as writing ad copy for advertising agencies or web copy for organizations, but it’s a broad career with many “niches.” Not only do you get to travel, but you can get paid for it! That’s just one of the perks of being part of the “travel writers club.”

Starting Your Career in Travel Writing

Travel. This is obvious, but must be mentioned. Travel locally first then see the world. There is always a festival or event happening somewhere in your backyard. Check it out and then write about it.
Create a blog. Many people have blogs today. Sign up for a free blog with or
Write each day. If you intend to make money from your writing, you’ll have a better chance if your writing skills are stronger.
Write articles. Many organizations (online) will ask for content for a new website. If you wrote a couple of articles, consider submitting a few of your articles to “start-up” websites. Caution: do not do this all of the time. A few times is fine, but do not make a habit of it. You’ll gain a reputation for writing for free, which is something you do not want.
Keep a journal. Someday you may want to turn your journal into a best-selling travel memoir. Take excellent notes because if you must research something it will be easier to do with the information in front of you.
Peruse the internet for jobs. Many career boards can be found in cyberspace. Check out for the latest jobs.
Visit websites such as Brave New Traveler, and read the work of other writers. It will give you ideas on what people are interested in reading. It’s also a great way to find your writing style.
Brush up on your writing skills. Travel writing may be fun, but it’s still writing. Travel writers do not receive a free pass to ignore the rules of writing. Sloppy writing will get you nowhere. Proofread your work and have someone else proofread if you must; follow the basic rules of good writing.

If you enjoy variety, travel writing is a career that is abundant with niche markets. You can write on any travel topic from European travel to the best places for hiking. The bonus – there are many ways for you to capitalize on writing, but that’s another blog. For now – travel, write, and watch your new career unfold before your eyes!

Our website is dedicated to aspiring and experienced travel writers. You’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and education on everything travel writing.

Travel Nurse

How to Become a Travel Nurse

Agencies were set up to provide nurses for areas that had seasonal populations and would need to boost their nursing staff according to those times. Such states as Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida became major factors in the growth of travel nurses. This was due partly to the large migrant population that moved from state to state, depending on the season, to find work or from people that would come south during the winter months. Now the demand for travel nurses is higher, because of the staffing problems that exist across the United States. It is most likely to become even higher in demand as the baby boomers grow older. They will be leaving the medical field, and will be placing more demand on the medical field. To take advantage of this growth, you will need to make sure that you are ready. If you have foreign language skills, you may even be able to travel abroad.

You need to have achieved a RN (Registered Nurse) degree, at the very least. This can be achieved a number of ways. You can go through a traditional four-year BSN, a hospital based diploma (typically taking three-years), or a two year ADN program. Even after schooling, you will need one year of work experience, at a minimum. Make sure that this experience is in your specialty, or you may not be eligible for travel assignments inside your specialty.

Finding the Travel Job
The first step is to find a travel nursing company. There are hundreds of these available. They may handle local, national, or even global assignments. The traveling nursing agency is essentially a job recruiter. They help you with handling the details of your assignment, including relocation or registering with any local authorities. They offer guidance in location and focus. Most assignments last 13 weeks, but you can usually renew your contract if you wish to stay longer. Some of the leading travel nursing companies in the United States are the Cross Country TravCorps, American Mobile Healthcare, Preferred Healthcare Staffing, Medical Express, O’Grady Peyton International, and Nurses Rx.

What are the benefits
Lodgings are typically provided for the traveling nurse. These are located near the facility and are normally fully furnished. Salaries are very competitive, in some cases up $40 per hour. There are often bonus programs, not to mention comprehensive medical and dental insurance. Traveling nurses can spend as little as 4 weeks to 52 weeks on an assignment. You can move with the seasons, move where the best pay is, or try out a city that you think you may be interested in living in. There are often sign on bonuses with the companies, referral bonuses, travel reimbursement plans and so much more. Over seas jobs are available as well. Imagine being able to spend your summers in Europe before returning to Florida or California to get through the Winter Season. From large cities to the smaller towns, traveling nurses are in demand and you can join in.

Travel the World

Travel Jobs – 7 ‘Jobs’ That Pay You to Travel the World

Jobs that travel the world are an inconceivable dream for most people. “How, on earth,” they think, “Could I possibly get paid to travel the world?” It’s a common belief that you must save and save up a bunch of money before you can travel, then simply go for as long as your money will last.

Not only is that an outdated and incorrect belief, but it’s also a belief that will have you stuck in a never-ending cycle of frustration. Work… then travel… then work… then travel.


There are many ways you can get paid AS you travel the world. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to do this, so no matter your skill set, creating a travel income is something you CAN do… and you can start doing it quickly.

Here are 7 ways to make money traveling the world. Some are commonly available travel jobs, and a few are the ‘underground’ methods of making money while you travel.

1) Work a cruise ship job. You get to live aboard a luxury cruise-liner and get paid to live the lifestyle passengers pay $500 to $5000+ per week to experience!

2) Get a job as a travel or adventure guide. Visit a city or region. Get to know the best places, then get paid to show other people what you’ve found! Alternatively, you can show people how to rock climb, raft a river, jump out of a plane, zipline through a jungle… and more!

3) Become a paid travel writer. Not only can you get hired by travel magazines and guidebooks, but don’t forget about blogging & online freelance jobs. They’re plentiful!

4) Start an online marketing adventure! Most people think marketing online is too ‘technical.’ Oh contraire! If you can edit a word document you can make money with a laptop or from an internet café anywhere in the world.

5) Work with a charity. Care more about making a difference and experiencing other cultures than turning a profit? You’re in luck. Scores of charities will pay your travel, food, room, and travel expenses in exchange for your volunteer work.

6) Get a job teaching English. If you’re a fluent English speaker, you have a skill that millions – if not billions – of people desire. Like it or not, English is the international language of commerce. Dozens of countries in the world want their citizens to know the language and will give you a job to travel to their country to teach it whether you know their language or not.

7) Get a job telecommuting. With these types of jobs you are not paid hourly, but by the tasks completed. In other words, you have deadlines to get a report written, crunch some numbers, or (insert your inane task here). Complete these jobs from an internet café or your laptop, email it in, and you’ve got cash in hand.

Travel jobs are intimidating to many people because they require a paradigm shift. You are no longer bound by a 9-5 grind, and your commute becomes wherever you fancy. Jobs that travel the world are inconceivable to most people, which is GREAT news; the competition is low.

You can travel the world and get paid for it by picking just ONE of the above methods and by learning all you can about that specific method. The key is in getting started and taking action.

Travel Nursing

Getting the Maximum Out of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is a great opportunity for those who are interested in seeing the world, without the savings account to do it with. Keeping a room or small apartment in a home state is necessary for the maximum benefits in pay and down time for a nurse. Mapping out the places one would like to travel will help a nurse and their recruiter decide what jobs are best. If a nurse takes the time to study the hospitals that offer travel nursing positions he/she will find challenging work, which is a great way to increase the magnitude of a resume.

If a travel nurse job is being sought for the income opportunities, the tax free benefits will allow a nurse the ability to save or live a luxurious life-style while seeing the world. To take advantage of tax free meals, incidentals and housing a nurse needs to have a residence away from the job, that bills are being paid on while working. Most nurses get rid of their standard housing and rent a room in their hometown, or from a relative, which is the cheapest way to get the tax-free benefits. Doing this will also allow a nurse to go home and enjoy a few weeks off between contracts to see friends and family.

When travel nursing jobs are desired because of the opportunities to see other places, the best way to approach the field is for a nurse to make a list of states that are of interest. The states should work from one side of the country to the other, and list the cities that are the best and worse choices for that state, if any. This list will do two things, it will help the recruiter see where to look for positions when a contract is almost finished, as well as keep travel costs down if the recruiter is told to concentrate on a radius near the last contract. If one starts on one side of the country and travels across to the other, they will be able to hit many states and can opt for 13-week contracts and then move on if an extension isn’t optimal.

If a nurse is interested in travel nursing jobs to experience a challenge and/or increase the profitability of a resume, new hospitals are a great place to start. Usually if a hospital is building an addition or a new location, they will want travelers until they are able to train new staff. A new hospital is great for nurses looking to work with new technology, state-of-the-art equipment or associate with staff that has break-though practices. A travel job is also a great way to get references from prestigious facilities and doctors. All of these features look well on a resume when a permanent position with higher pay is sought.

Saving money is usually a key factor for the long-term traveler. Many travelers are able to take a year or two of assignments, close to home and pay off debt, or purchase a major item. With pay sometimes double what a nurse would make as a staff nurse and the tax free benefits saving a large sum of money monthly is easy for nurses and well worth the few years of being away from home, for many.

Traveling the country as a nurse expands ones skill set, helps them reach goals and gives them benefits they will only receive as a traveler. If a travel nursing career is a lifetime experience or needed to reach an important milestone, many nurses find traveling a great experience as a whole.

Jobs That Travel

Jobs That Travel – How to Land a Travel Job Fast!

Jobs that travel are some of the most coveted, desired and competitive employment positions in the world. Think of it: people who have travel jobs get to see the world and get paid to travel at the same time! This article will give you an overview of the different types of jobs in the travel industry and how you can get one fast.

The most popular types of jobs that travel are jobs like cruise ship jobs, travel guides, traveling nurses, environmental workers, military workers, and farm hands.

To get find openings for jobs that travel, you can do a Google search for ‘overseas travel jobs’ or simply ‘travel jobs,’ and you’ll find directories for job openings. Be warned, however, as there there are limitations to these types of jobs that you must be aware of: The pay is notoriously low (usually just enough to get by). You must go where your job tells you to go. You usually don’t get to experience the culture of your location because you are too busy working. You also must deal with visa requirements in the cities you are visiting.

Nevertheless, travel jobs are a good way to get started. If you’re dedicated to getting a job in the travel industry, the quickest way to do it is to take a day applying for 20 positions. 3 Days later, make a call to each company you applied for and confirm that they received your application. You’re bound to get one.

But what if you want to get paid to travel and make a serious income while you’re seeing the world, doing what you want to do, now what other people want you to do?

You can make a LOT more money by putting to use a few hidden, underground techniques that allow some savvy travelers to make a really fat income while traveling. This involves utilizing the internet for a few hours a day at the start, and eventually a few hours per week. The concept is to setup automated online systems that continually produce revenue. It’s a bizarre concept for many to grasp, but the key to making money while you travel is to work once so that you get paid forever.

Jobs that travel are a great way to get started. Get your feet wet. See a limited part of the world, make a few bucks, and see if you like it. The quickest way to make a lot of money, however, is to setup automated systems that generate cash as you travel the world.

Therapy Travel Jobs

Speech Therapy Travel Jobs

Travel jobs in the healthcare sector are suitable for those who love to work in a variety of locations. Ideally qualified candidates can apply for speech therapy travel jobs that exist in leading healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. Besides promising good emoluments, these jobs also provide the opportunity for candidates to gain more exposure to the latest techniques in the field and interact with more people.

Speech therapists will have to treat individuals with communication disorders related to speech, language, fluency and voice. They work with patients of all age groups and help them improve their voice projection by teaching appropriate vocal techniques.

Necessary Qualifications

After securing a master’s degree in speech language pathology, one can become a licensed speech therapist by acquiring a state-issued license. With an associate degree or certification in speech language pathology, one can work under the direction of a speech therapist as therapy assistant. Therapist aide jobs are available for those with a high school diploma.

Speech Therapy Travel Job Benefits

As you have to frequently move from one location to another, you will get more varied experience than those who have not taken advantage of travel jobs. In addition, you get the same benefits as other therapy jobs, which include:

o Health and life insurance
o 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
o Highly lucrative salary plus bonus
o Paid housing
o Relocation expenses (travelers)
o Continuing education
o Section 125 Cafeteria plan
o Professional liability insurance
o Licensure assistance
o Immigration processing (for trained foreign candidates)
o Short-term disability insurance

Speech therapy travel jobs are available in many different locations, in a wide variety of healthcare settings. Professionals can also avail themselves of short-term or long-term assignments.

Register with a Leading Recruiting Agency

The best way to search for suitable speech therapy travel jobs is through leading recruiting agencies. You can register at their websites and avail of various online facilities provided. Besides, these recruiting companies maintain a job database which is regularly updated. This makes job search a simple procedure. Leading recruiters will ensure that you get the job catering to your various preferences.